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Prince Dimitri is the great grandson of Tsar Nicholas I, Emperor of Russia, and belongs to the so-called “Nicholayevichi” branch of the Romanov Family. His paternal grandfather, Grand Duke Peter Nicholayevich (1864-1931) was the younger brother of Grand Duke Nicholas Nicholayevich “The Younger” (1856-1929), Cavalry General and Commander-in- Chief of the Russian army at the beginning of WW I, whose father was Grand Duke Nicholas Nicholayevich “ The Elder” (1831-1891), Field Marshal and Commander-in-Chief of the Russian army during the 1877-1878 Russian-Turkish war for the liberation of Bulgaria.

Grand Duke Peter's son, Prince Roman (1896-1978), became of age in 1916, and after having graduated from the "Nicholas Engineering Academy" of Kiev he was appointed to serve on the Turkish front at Trebizonde in a Caucasian Sappers Regiment with the rank of Second Lieutenant. After the abdication of Emperor Nicholas II he resided in his father's estate of Dulber in the Crimea, risked execution, and eventually left Russia in April 1919 on board the British battleship HMS Marlborough.

Family bonds link Prince Dimitri to several European Royal Houses such as Denmark, Italy, Greece, Bulgaria and Montenegro. He is related to prominent Russian noble families, such as - among others - the Naryshkin, Vorontzov-Dashkov, Vyazemsky, Shuvalov and Cheremetyev. Prince Dimitri’s mother was born Countess Prascovia Sheremetyeva and his grandfather was married to Princess Militza, daughter of Nicola I, King of Montenegro (1841-1921).

Prince Dimitri was born in 1926 in France where his early education was a traditional Russian one. After his family had moved to Italy in 1936, he continued his education in an Italian school. Later, the family moved once again, this time to Egypt, returning after several years back to Italy. In 1960 Prince Dimitri settled in Denmark.


In 1993 he retired as an executive of Danske Bank, one of the largest banks in the country. Since then he has devoted much time in humanitarian activities with his wife Dorrit and has performed more than 50 charitable missions in Russia, Ukraine and Central Asia.

Prince Dimitri Romanov has been awarded with Danish, Bulgarian, and Montenegrin Orders and the Russian Medal “In honour of the 300th anniversary of St Petersburg”.    He is also a laureate of the International Nicholas Roerich Prize and the author of several books, his latest being: “The Orders, Medals and History of the Russian Empire”.

Besides Russian, Prince Dimitri is fluent in French, English, Italian and Danish languages.



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